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2nd April 2019 

Children's Ministries Convention Deferred to December 3-7, 2019
Message from PNGUM Children's Ministries Director Mrs Jochabed Pomaleu and CPC Director Mrs Ruthy Batu.

This Announcement goes to all who have registered to attend CHILDREN MINISTRY CONVENTION in July 02-07,2019

Please be informed that this convention has been deferred from July 02-06 to DECEMBER 3-7, 2019. VENUE: Sonoma College (still stands).

It is important that this information be shared to your churches for those who have registered to attend. Local Mission CHM directors have also been informed.

Also I regret to inform you that the registration has been closed. And that no registration will be accepted.

See your local mission (conference) children ministry directors for any negotiation of names: but not to register. Take note that I do not encourage or entertain direct contact thru to PNGUM office in terms of registration or exchange of names.

Thank you for your understanding

God bless.

Children's Ministries


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